The equipment we have at the Faculty of Chemistry:


TESCAN VEGA 3 scanning electron microscope
SE, BSE, EDX  and STEM detectors and LaB6 electron gun
 Shimadzu QP2020 GCMS system with EI and CI
Shimadzu UV-3600

UV-Vis-NIR spectrophotometer with integrating sphere

PerkinElmer Spectrum BX II

FT-IR spectrophotometer

Shimadzu Prominence-i LC-2030 3D HPLC


UV-Vis spectrophotometers

PerkinElmer Lambda 35

PerkinElmer Lambda 25

PerkinElmer Lambda 950

HP8453 Diode Array

PerkinElmer LS 55 spectrofluorometer
Applied Photophysics

LKS.50 Nanosecond Laser Photolyser Spectrometer

Applied Photophysics SX-17MV

Stopped-flow spectrometer with UV-Vis and fluorescence detection

Laboratory of synthesis with Schlenk line
Instytut Fotonowy

Kelvin Probe

Photoelectric spectrometer for quantum efficiency measurement

High power LED irradiators

TOV-VCSH Shimadzu TOC and TON analyzer
Diener low pressure plasma generator
Thermo Scientific and HP/Agilent

Gas chromatographs with TCD and FID detectors

Wanhao Duplicator 4 Dual extruder 3D printer
Equipment for DOS measurements

PerkinElmer Lambda 12 and BioLogic SP-150 potentiostat

Autolab PGSTAT302N potentiostat
J&M Analytik AG TIDAS fiber optic spectrophotometer
    • Equipment for flash photolysis with xenon lamps (20 MV, impulse 20 μs)
    • The chamber for high pressure measurements (up to 200 MPa) integrated with UV-Vis spectrophotometer and laser flash photolysis equipment
    • Gel electrophoresis apparatus for proteins and DNA (Bio-Rad)
    • HPLC with UV/VIS detector (Perkin Elmer Series 200, Perkin Elmer Flexar)
  • PyroScience Firesting O2 fluorescence oxygen detector
  • Instytut Fotonowy 150 W Xe illuminators
  • BLUE PLANET DST50 Ozone generator
  • SPS-Europe SPIN150 Spin coater
  • MTI Corporation SS-00AB Dip coater
  • ERTEC Microvawe reactor
  • OPHIR NOVA II light intensity meter
  • Comet StellarNet Inc BLACK- light intensity meter