Grażyna Stochel

Professor of Chemistry, Dr habil, PhD



Full Professor at the Inorganic Chemistry Department,
Faculty of Chemistry, Jagiellonian University in
Krakow, Poland
Head of the Coordination and Bioinorganic
Physicochemistry Group ; Head of Laser Photolysis
Laboratory, Head of Biomedical Chemistry
Laboratory, Humboldt Foundation Fellow, Visiting
Professor at the Orleans University; Member of the
Jagiellonian University Senate, and Member of the
Chemistry Committee of Polish Academy of Science.
Dean (2008-2016); Deputy Dean (1998-2008) of the Faculty of Chemistry Jagiellonian University

Research profile

Inorganic and Bioinorganic Chemistry, Photochemistry and Photophysics, Medicinal Chemistry and
Functional Materials

Research activity is focused on: mechanisms of inorganic and bioinorganic reactions; photochemistry and photophysics of coordination compounds; photocatalysis; metal compounds, small molecules and light in biology, environment and medicine; medicinal chemistry and functional materials. Scientific expertise and modern equipment available in the Coordination and Bioinorganic Physicochemistry Group include spectroscopic, kinetic, photochemical, photophysical, electrochemical, microscopic and some biochemical techniques. The group is involved in various international and national scientific projects in the Bio-Medical and Environmental areas. Interesting and actual subjects, applications with theoretical background, interdisciplinarity and internationalisation are the most important determinants for the group research activity. Author and co-author of more than 200 publications (ca. 3500 citations), 4 patents and 20 patent applications; co-editor of 4 scientific books. Supervisor of 23 PhDs and over 40 MSc and graduate students. Since 1992 she has been involved in more than 40 funded research projects (leading more of half of these). She has taken part in organization of ca. 50 international and national conferences and scientific meetings. She was a member of international scientific committees for more than 30 conferences (among them International Symposium on Photochemistry and Photophysics on Coordination Compounds ( 1995-2007)) and a member of Management Committees COST Chemistry Actions, D10 (1998-2003) and D30 (2003-2007). She is member of permanent steering committees of Chemistry Towards Biology Conferences and European Colloquium on Inorganic Reaction Mechanisms Meetings. She is a member of Polish Chemical Society; European High Pressure Research Group, Society of Biological Inorganic Chemistry, European Society for Photobiology, European Photochemistry Association.

Selected publications and books

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