Thesis defended!

Mateusz Trochowski has got his PhD degree. Congratulations! The doctoral thesis entitled „Diversity of the photosensitization mechanisms of surface-functionalized oxide semiconductors” is focused on verification of four hypotheses related to the photosensitization mechanisms of titanium(IV) oxide and zinc oxide.

Prof. Stochel elected as a member of Scientific Excellence Council

Professor Grażyna Stochel from Faculty of Chemistry at Jagiellonian Unicersity was elected as a member of Scientific Excellence Council (SEC). The Council is a new body that will work for the development of scientific staff and take care of the highest standards of quality of scientific activity required to obtain…

New project in our Group

Our Group has been granted with almost 1.4 million zloty for the joint Polish-Chinese research project entitled “Photocatalytic reduction of carbon dioxide based on p-type semiconductors”. The project is supported by the National Science Centre, Poland (NCN) and the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC). Together with the group…

Thesis defended!

Today (12 April 2019) Magdalena Procner has defended her PhD thesis entitled”Mechanistic studies on manganese(lll)porphyrin-catalysed degradation of organic pollutants by various oxidants”. Congratulations!

Thesis defended!

Today (01 April 2019) Justyna Polaczek has defended her PhD thesis entitled „NO versus HNO chemistry. Studies on the formation, stability and reactivity of nitrosylcobalamin and model complexes”. Congratulations!

Cover page for Maria Oszajca

Recent Maria Oszajca article has been rewarded with the front cover page in the ChemSusChem journal. You can find the article by clicking on the cover page below. Congratulations!

Prof. Stochel elected as a member of Jagiellonian Uiversity Council

Jagiellonian University Senate appointed first University Council, whose term of office will last until the end of next year. Among the Council Members our Group Head, prof. Grażyna Stochel was elected. The University Council will start its activity immediately after its appointment. The new body will first have to present the…

Oxygenalia 2018

Prof. Grażyna Stochel has given a plenary lecture entitled „Small molecules in bioinorganic redox control. Towards understanding and application perspectives” during the Oxygenalia 2018 in Vilnius (11-13 October 2018).

Academic year inauguration lecture

Prof. Grażyna Stochel was invited to give inauguration lecture at Gdańsk University. The lecture was entitled „Bioinorganic chemistry – challenges and perspectives”

Upcoming conference

Our group is going to organize the EEPM3 conference. The 3rd International Symposium on Energy and Environmental Photocatalytic Materials (EEPM3) is the continuation of a series of conferences initiated in 2014. The conference covers a wide range of fundamental and applied research areas pertaining to light harvesting, solar energy conversion…